Top 5 dishes to try in Canada

Top 5 dishes to try in Canada

Are you visiting Canada and looking for things to do? One very important thing that you must do is to try their food. They have a very diverse range of foods that are part of their culture. To say the very least, most Canadian dishes are delicious. Here we will focus on five dishes to try in Canada. If you miss them you will not have a chance to find these tasty delicacies.


This is the first dish you should try when you get to Canada. It is a mixture of French fries, cheese and peppery meat based gravy. It may not be the healthiest option but it is absolutely delicious. The dish was invented in the 1950s in Quebec. You can find this at any major restaurant in the country. The dish is so important to the Canadians that they even organize annual poutine festivals in different cities in the country.

Canadian Bacon

This is the perfect breakfast choice when in the country. Unlike traditional bacon that is made from a pig’s belly, this one is made by brinning and rolling pork loin in cornmeal. Traditionally, the loins used to be wrapped in ground yellow peas hence the common name peameal. It is very delicious. You can find it in many eateries in the country.

Nanaimo bars

This is the perfect dessert to have in Canada. They are named after the city located in British Columbia and are very unique. They are made up of a crunchy base of chopped nuts or cracker crumbs, a middle layer of custard or vanilla frosting and a top layer of melted chocolate. With all that goodness in one bar you can be sure it tastes great. To get these go to their home city at the Nanaimo bar trail.

Butter tarts

This is a great treat that is part of the staple Canadian cooking. It is made up of a crumbly crust on the outside ad a creamy center. Butter, sugar and egg mixture is placed in the center with raisins or walnuts. This mixture is made to be semi solid or gooey in texture. Where can you find these? They are served in almost all coffee shops in Canada but if you are serious about these visit the Butter Tart Trail in Kenilworth, Ontario. The 18 bakeries here will have the best.


This French Canadian dish was first made in 1600. It is a flaky pie that typically contains pork, veal, game or beef mixed with herbs and spices. Fish is used in some places. This pie is common during Christmas and New Year celebrations but you can find it in stores all year round. The best place to find it is in the French city of Quebec.

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