What is an eTA Visa for Cambodia?

It is the sole right of each territory or geography to decide who is allowed to exit or enter the land. If you are planning to visit Cambodia, you will find this information very useful. This information has been gathered from the Cambodian Authorities and is subject to changes as in when required. It can help you avoid any last minute delay, any unpleasant experience or other difficulties.

On April 2006, International Cooperation and Ministry of Foreign affairs launched e-Visa officially called eTA. Its an online form and can be processed easily and quickly. You can have your visa printed and in your hands will be available with you before you enter the Kingdom of Cambodia. You will feel absolutely secured and confident while going through the immigration when you enter Cambodia with you e-Visa along with you. The two conditions that needs to be met for eTA are- one, your passport has the validity of next six months. Second its valid for three months after date of issuance. eTA can be valid for up to five years or until the date your passport expires.

Visitor from different countries does require e-Visa to enter the kingdom. Citizens from some countries including Malaysia, Laos, Sinapore , Thailand, Vietnam, Mayanmar, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam has got some exceptions. People from Afganistan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Sudan and Nigeria cannot have the eTA for Cambodia.
Tourist and Business visas can be obtained from the Cambodian embassies in abroad and upon the arrival at the airport in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and certain land borders. Tourist visa are good for 30 days. Visa’s must be renewed for stay exceeding 30 days and can only be extended once.

Visa exempt visitors don’t need an eTA when entering the kingdom.

Additional Entry Requirement:

  • Proof of sufficient funds and a return ticket is one of the requirement to visit Cambodia.
  • If visitor is from Vietnam, the visa can be obtained from the international crossing points at Bavet and Khmorm Samnor.
  • Thirty days visas can be obtained from six international border- crossing points, Cambodian Thai Border, O’Smach, Cham Yeam, Prum , Poipet, Caom and Dong.
  • Official and diplomatic personnel should consult with Embassy as there can be specific requirements.

While this information comes handy , it is also your responsibility to check the up to date information with the Embassy or one of its consulate. The decision to travel is a personal decision and its the individual responsibility to ensure your own safety while you are travelling.

OnLive UK Review: Game Service & OnLive Micro Console

With the gradual, creeping and painful march towards decent broadband speeds in the UK now well underway, the innovative cloud based gaming service OnLive has finally made its UK debut.

“The OnLive Game Service is a groundbreaking on-demand video game platform capable of delivering the latest and most advanced games instantly over a broadband connection. You can play on your TV via the OnLive Game System or on virtually any PC or Mac via a small browser download. The OnLive Game Service creates an entirely new way to play, watch, share and demo premium games from the world’s leading publishers.”

“Founded by noted technology entrepreneur Steve Perlman (WebTV, QuickTime) and incubated within the Rearden media and technology incubator, OnLive spent seven years in stealth development before officially unveiling in March 2009.”

Drawbacks to Cloud gaming in general

The system works very well, however, there are some obvious drawbacks which can’t be avoided and are not in any way the fault of the OnLive service:

  • If your Internet connection has a draconian traffic management policies applied to it – you are going to be out of luck. Initially, I had some problems with connectivity during the hours of 6pm – Midnight. Following a quick Google search I discovered that my useless ISP TalkTalk (soon to be changed when the contract runs out) was applying traffic management within those hours in order to cut down on the network stress caused by illegal file sharing traffic. As observed by some posts in another forum, this leads one to the assumption that OnLive uses a proportion of P2P (Peer to Peer) traffic in order to make the service work. Thankfully this situation has now been remedied following lots of abuse from myself and others directed at the official TalkTalk Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  • If your internet connection is poor in terms of speed, or has an unusually high ping time, you are going to have serious problems maintaining a solid connection, and in turn a good user experience.
  • If you are using the cheap wireless router that was supplied by your ISP, you may well struggle to maintain a solid connection over WiFi. Luckily there is a fix for this, simply use a cable and you will be back on the road to gaming nirvana before you know it.

Playing via Mac

Playing OnLive games on a Mac provides an excellent user experience. The OnLive software is a free download which provides your point of entry for the cloud based service. The software also acts as a driver, allowing you to use an XBOX 360 controller, rather than the more traditional mouse and keyboard.

Simple shortcuts allow the user to switch between windowed and full screen modes, and there is easy access to the various menus for switching between games and accessing the options available.

If none of the above listed issues are likely to be a problem, chances are you will have an excellent experience playing on a Mac. Connecting controllers for a more console like experience is simple, with OnLive handling all drivers and configuration seamlessly and without fault every time I tested it. Performance over a decent Internet connection was excellent, with barely any noticeable lag, fantastic graphics and almost instant loading times for games.

The OnLive cloud servers do an excellent job of rendering the games on offer, and visually they look almost as good as running them on a well specified PC, sometimes even better. Certainly the visuals are far in excess of what you would hope to achieve on the lower hardware platforms supported by OnLive. For example, trying out the service on the Mac Mini on my desk at work, which only has minimal on-board graphics, was a breezy and enjoyable affair – once again with little or no lag and excellent overall performance.

Playing on TV using the OnLive Micro Console

The OnLive Micro Console is a cheap and simple way to get cloud gaming on your TV. OnLive describes the device as “delivering instant-play, high-end, new-release video games to TVs. Now players of all skill levels can enjoy games from the comfort of their living rooms—instantly and on-demand—without ever having to bother with discs, downloads or updates. Whether you are checking out a demo, joining a premium multiplayer game or watching live gameplay from around the world, with the OnLive Game System it’s as effortless and as fast as changing channels.”

The presentation of the console is excellent and not at all what I was expecting. I think somewhere along the line I had convinced myself that OnLive was a plucky upstart company looking to change the way we game by disrupting the industry norms – because of this I was expecting a hastily thrown together device with plain brown packaging and the bare minimum of time and effort spent on it. I could not have been more wrong!

Right from the moment of beginning the unboxing process it was apparent that this was a high quality, well thought out offering. The box itself appears like a presentation case for a high-end luxury device, the inset areas of the packaging are perfectly molded to hold everything securely in place, the product itself is fantastically well thought out and the fit and finish is perfect. Attention to detail continues with the supplied accessories, where, unlike many more traditional competitors (Sony, Microsoft) the bottom layer of the box was carefully and thoughtfully packed with everything a player is likely to need. Included in the box was a HDMI cable, Network Cable, UK power block, USB charging cable for the controller, a rechargeable battery pack for the wireless controller and even the fallback if you forget to charge your battery pack in the form of an XBOX 360 style AA battery pack and 2x AA batteries to fit inside it. Every angle is covered and carefully thought through, and this is a huge change of direction in an industry where costs and margins are so sensitive that you are lucky to receive a demo disc in the box with a new console these days, let alone a HDMI cable.

The console itself is exactly what I wish all consoles were like. Diminutive in size, silent in operation and low on energy consumption – the Micro Console is a revelation. In an industry where cooling fans roar and competitors seem to start huge and gradually refine their industrial design over the lifetime of their products, finally culminating with something that a mere mortal can lift without the help of someone else, the OnLive Micro Console achieves a simple (Apple-esque) elegance that has been missing from the games industry for a long time.

This is perhaps an unfair comparison to draw, as the vast majority of processing occurs miles away from your front room in the OnLive server room. This means that the MicroConsole has the simpler task of interpreting controls from the user and relaying them to OnLive, and receiving them back in return and displaying video, and passing rumble commands back to the users controller. It performs this job admirably, particularly when you consider that the console only retails for £69.99! I managed to get hold of it for even less than that as OnLive were running a promotion giving the console away for FREE (£6 postage) to those who pre-ordered Batman: Arkham City. The hardware really is excellent value whichever way you get hold of it.

The controller will be familiar to anyone who has used an XBOX 360 controller before (it really is a homage to the XBOX design), legally different and with a few extra buttons thrown in for controlling the OnLive experience and menus, I found it to be very comfortable to use for extended periods of play. It does its job simply and effectively and I couldn’t fault it during my testing phase.

Negative points for the Micro Console are few and far between, with the only drawback being the lack of WiFi connectivity (likely to be fixed in a future release). This isn’t so much of an inconvenience, unless you live somewhere that makes running a cable completely impossible, and the connection over a cable is hugely more reliable than connecting via WiFi.

Game Selection

There are various options for users to purchase games through OnLive. The first game purchased (at time of writing) is only £1 – I chose Batman: Arkham Asylum as my first game, one that I had truly enjoyed playing on the XBOX 360 (from start to finish), as I thought that it would allow me to compare the performance of the two systems more evenly.

Following your first game purchase there is a choice of approaches:

  • Subscribe at a price of £6 per month and receive unlimited access to 100+ titles of various ages and qualities including the likes of Homefront, Borderlands, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Just Cause 2, BioShock and Deus Ex. This is a great deal, and something that is a lot easier to commit to for casual gamers than paying £50 per game for a traditional console. Subscribers also receive discounts on purchases from the store in return for their loyalty, bringing new releases under £30 in most cases.
  • Purchasing games on a one-off basis may suit some users, and there are plenty of selections available in the store to keep most gamers happy. New releases often arrive a little after their PC counterparts, so fans of 0 day releases need not apply, however – with a little patience “normal” gamers will get their hot little hands on games within a short enough period of time.
    OnLive Marketplace.


The OnLive service is seemless, similar in approach to XBOX Live in a lot of ways, often better and more responsive, with easier access to configuration (not that it is ever really needed). You can genuinely open the box, sign in and play, no loading times, no updates to download to games – this is a refreshing and enjoyable service that simply must have a future in the industry.

Negatives are thin on the ground, with limited support for multiplayer chat (at the moment it is in Beta) and the lack of WiFi on the micro console currently top the list. These are massively outweighed by the innovation of the product and service, with unique features such as the ability to view other gamers whilst in play, combined with future developments such as iPad and Android apps for viewing and one day playing games.

How to spend a weekend In Myanmar?

As you take in the moment and soak yourself in it, the even more calming chants coming from the nearest temple tranquil your senses with a greater effect for a weekend. That is the magic of Myanmar, and that’s the unfailing effect it has on anyone who sets his foot on this magically awesome land. Here is how to spend a weekend in Myanmar

The Golden Land

The Golden Land, as Myanmar is popularly referred to as, is a haven for those who wish to feel closer to the more real and pristine world. Tourist destinations in Myanmar are in abundance. There is a bit of everything in Myanmar if you wish to experience the old world charm. You have landmarks that are a symbol of the rich history and cultural diversification of the country, you have landscapes that take you closest to nature, and you have the rural Myanmar that shimmers with the most pure vibe and takes you further close to the old world charm that we are talking about.

The gorgeous lakes

Myanmar is a land of wonders and visual exquisiteness. As a traveller, you are never going to be short of options while travelling to this country that seems almost like crafted by god by his own hands. There is something for everybody. You have the most gorgeous lakes all across the country, and among those, the Inle Lake definitely stands tallest and most stirring. The lake that almost looks like a silver sheet covering a vast area in a manner most awe-inspiring, attracts hordes of tourist who visit Burma. The lake exemplifies nature it is prime form.

Historically relevant and fascinating landmarks

And coming back to the historically relevant and fascinating landmarks, there are plenty to look forward to. You have Shwedagon Paya, a magnificent structure that stretches to as tall as 325 feet and generates massive buzz among those who visit this country for the first time. Those visiting Yangon cannot afford to miss out on this place.

The Golden Rock

Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock) is another one of those places that fascinates the tourists like nothing else does. This is one incredibly beautiful boulder stupa that is made entirely of golden leaves. A visit to Myanmar without seeing the Golden Rock in person would be utterly incomplete and unsatisfying. Burma, as a tourist attraction has some amazing historical value. The history derives a lot from the 11th century Pagan Empire.

The stark nature

The stark nature that makes up most of Myanmar is combined with fascinating and colorful cultural bits that are so typical of this place. Every inch of Myanmar exudes a divine vibe that has impossible to escape from. And if you are still planning or contemplating on going in there, just pack your bags right away. Not a moment has to be wasted.

The colonial aura

If you wish to get a dose of the colonial aura, Yangon is the place to be at. The British architecture of the 19th century covers this town in its entirety and this really makes for plenty of fascinating sights all across the country. The city, as you would expect, is strongly attached to its root. The local population you see there is mostly dressed in the traditional attires and the public means of transportations also bring back the past and make it feel alive right next to you.

The ancient architecture

For more dose of the ancient architecture, Bagan will give you an eyeful. Formerly known as Pagan, this place also houses some amazingly old buildings and structures that take you right back into the past and creates an aura you won’t want to get out of. This place also comprises of temples galore. You can also come across the Pagodas that appear reddish.