Info about Me

My name is Albern Chamorro, a known travel blogger. I am aged 29, and I have a keen interest in inspiring other young ladies in my missions. My unmatched engagements saw me receive the best blogger’s title in the year 2013 with my blog called the Shooting Star.

 Info about Me

With my vast experience in blogging, I come from India where my blogging career started.

Having acquired vast experience in blogging, I have developed a keen interest in touring the world. This adds up to my hobbies that include, solo traveling, experimenting local cuisine, among others.

Over the years, I have developed a key personality in inspiring women of my age. My blogs are aimed at encouraging young ladies to try adventurers’ missions.

To all the women interested in learning more as well as joining me, my contact information is readily available. I can be reached through my email address I am also available on Facebook as well as Instagram.