How to spend a weekend In Myanmar

How to spend a weekend In Myanmar?

As you take in the moment and soak yourself in it, the even more calming chants coming from the nearest temple tranquil your senses with a greater effect for a weekend. That is the magic of Myanmar, and that’s the unfailing effect it has on anyone who sets his foot on this magically awesome land. Here is how to spend a weekend in Myanmar

The Golden Land

The Golden Land, as Myanmar is popularly referred to as, is a haven for those who wish to feel closer to the more real and pristine world. Tourist destinations in Myanmar are in abundance. There is a bit of everything in Myanmar if you wish to experience the old world charm. You have landmarks that are a symbol of the rich history and cultural diversification of the country, you have landscapes that take you closest to nature, and you have the rural Myanmar that shimmers with the most pure vibe and takes you further close to the old world charm that we are talking about.

The gorgeous lakes

Myanmar is a land of wonders and visual exquisiteness. As a traveller, you are never going to be short of options while travelling to this country that seems almost like crafted by god by his own hands. There is something for everybody. You have the most gorgeous lakes all across the country, and among those, the Inle Lake definitely stands tallest and most stirring. The lake that almost looks like a silver sheet covering a vast area in a manner most awe-inspiring, attracts hordes of tourist who visit Burma. The lake exemplifies nature it is prime form.

Historically relevant and fascinating landmarks

And coming back to the historically relevant and fascinating landmarks, there are plenty to look forward to. You have Shwedagon Paya, a magnificent structure that stretches to as tall as 325 feet and generates massive buzz among those who visit this country for the first time. Those visiting Yangon cannot afford to miss out on this place.

The Golden Rock

Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock) is another one of those places that fascinates the tourists like nothing else does. This is one incredibly beautiful boulder stupa that is made entirely of golden leaves. A visit to Myanmar without seeing the Golden Rock in person would be utterly incomplete and unsatisfying. Burma, as a tourist attraction has some amazing historical value. The history derives a lot from the 11th century Pagan Empire.

The stark nature

The stark nature that makes up most of Myanmar is combined with fascinating and colorful cultural bits that are so typical of this place. Every inch of Myanmar exudes a divine vibe that has impossible to escape from. And if you are still planning or contemplating on going in there, just pack your bags right away. Not a moment has to be wasted.

The colonial aura

If you wish to get a dose of the colonial aura, Yangon is the place to be at. The British architecture of the 19th century covers this town in its entirety and this really makes for plenty of fascinating sights all across the country. The city, as you would expect, is strongly attached to its root. The local population you see there is mostly dressed in the traditional attires and the public means of transportations also bring back the past and make it feel alive right next to you.

The ancient architecture

For more dose of the ancient architecture, Bagan will give you an eyeful. Formerly known as Pagan, this place also houses some amazingly old buildings and structures that take you right back into the past and creates an aura you won’t want to get out of. This place also comprises of temples galore. You can also come across the Pagodas that appear reddish.

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