How long will it take to get a visa to Myanmar

How long will it take to get a visa to Myanmar?

Are you going to Myanmar? Are you planning to spend your holidays in the land of century old stupas? But you must be wondering that how long will it take to get a visa to Myanmar and where to apply for it. We have made it simple for you by publishing exhaustive guide on Myanmar visa. Please pay attention to these points and get your Myanmar visa easily-

Who needs to apply for a Visa?

All international tourists except for passport holders of Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and few other South Asian nations. Even children need to apply for a visa and parents/guardian should disclose the details of their children in the concerned section of visa application.

How to apply for a visa?

Apart for Myanmar embassies and consulates, there is also e-visa applications platform run Ministry of Immigration, Myanmar.(  )Citizens of over 100 countries are allowed to apply through this online platform. You can apply for both tourist and business visas.

Is e-visa valid for all entry points?

Unfortunately, e-visa can only be used to enter through international airports and not through land points at China and India.

How long will it take to get a Visa to Myanmar?

E-visa applications are normally answered in 3-4 days. However, in countries, it can take up to 7 days. Public holidays are not included in the processing time of 3-4days. You may also be contacted by the embassy for further details. Please use status inquiry section of the ministry website as they won’t reply to individual inquiries.

How long can a visa be used for?

An approved visa would be valid for 90 days. It can be used for 28 days and can later be extended for 14 days. It is valid for only single entry so you will need to apply for a visa if you are taking that route while traveling to other countries.

What is the cost of e-visa?

It would come around 50$ plus administrative expenses. Payment must be made online through credit card. If a visa application is rejected, then there would be no refund.

Can I also apply for a visa on arrival?

A visa on arrival in meant for business visas only.
Where will e-visa be delivered to?
It will be sent to your registered email id.

Can I extend my visa in Myanmar?

If you have overstayed for a period of 14 days or less, be ready to pay more during your departure.

So what are you waiting for? Apply for e-visa and visit the land of historical and cultural importance. You are sure to enjoy the untapped natural beauty of Myanmar.

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