How long can you stay with your tourist visa in India

How long can you stay with your tourist visa in India?

The greatest time span you can remain in India on a vacationer visa of 180 days, or roughly 6 month. Notwithstanding,The United State Department cautions that Indian visa controls change much of the time, frequently with little notice,so you ought to dependably check the present standards after booking ticket for India.

A tourist visa in India from different countries

Step 1

Acquire your visit visa for India before you go from Travis a, which goes about as the Indian government’s visa specialists in U.S. Assemble the archives you’ll require: These incorporate two finished duplicates of the application shape, two international ID estimated photographs and evidence of your private address.The important things Photocopies of noteworthy service charge, your state-issued driver’s permit or a legitimate rent are satisfactory. As of the date of distribution, consistent visa preparing cost $50, while the surge benefit cost $99 and the crisis benefit cost $139.

Step 2

Organize your visa before you move to India.Visa are not accessible on entry if you are from U.S. You can’t change the class of your visa once you reached in India to broaden your stay, so in the event that you plan to do something besides regular traveller exercises amid your stay, pick the fitting visa sort for that action.

Step 3

Follow the confinements of the vacationer visa on entering again in the nation. When you have left India on a vacationer visa, you are probably not going to be permitted to re-enter the nation until 2 months have moved,till you have composed consent from an international safe haven or office. This applies regardless of the possibility that your visa is till now well inside its legitimacy dates.

Step 4

You should leave India before your visa ended. On the off chance that you exceed, Indian authorities are probably going to discover when you endeavour to leave nation and either confine or fine you – or both.

The important things that you have in your mind for tourist visa in India

Traditions Regulations

You should have Indian Rupees ₹10,000,or amount cash of US $5000.

Prohibited Things

You are prohibited to bring more than one laptops, two litters alcohol,100 cigarettes
Or gift of more than ₹8000.


If you want to enter in India you require a legitimate travel permit and a forward and also return ticket and also a visa. Take note of that your international ID should be substantial for no less than six months past your expected remain in India, with no less than two clear pages. In the event that your international ID is lost, quickly contact your nations illustrative.


If you are from Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives then everybody must apply for a visa before touching base in India. More than 100 nationalities can acquire a 30 day Tourist visa of Arrival on the web preceding landing; this is substantial from the day of your arrival. The visa will start after the date of issue.

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