eTA Visa Application to Sri Lanka

eTA Visa Application to Sri Lanka

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) has been put in place to replace the need to apply for a visa label or stamp whilst trying to access the country. It is basically an easier way to apply for permission to travel to Sri Lanka. For one to access the ETA, an online form that can be searched for online has to be filled in precisely and correctly with the passport details of the person applying. It is, however, advisable to apply directly from the Sri Lankan government’s website in order to avoid any technical difficulties that may impede one’s travels.

Application process

On entrance to the site, applicants are met with terms and conditions that are to be read, understood and accepted before moving on.

The next step is to specify what kind of visa one is applying for. Be it a tourist visa, business purpose visa or transit visa.It should also be specified whether the visa is for a person, group or a third party applicant. Once that has been specified, then comes to the form which is fairly easy to fill and anyone with experience in filling forms and the proper qualifications to do so should be done in less than five minutes. The form basically entails basic visa details such as name of the applicant, their date of birth, nationality, passport details occupation and such.

Details of children under the age of sixteen who do not have their own passport can also be applied for from the site. Next on the form is the applicants travel details such as the vessel number and time of arrival. This should be followed by contact details and finally a declaration. The application form ends with a certification from the applicant that the information given is true to the best of their knowledge.

Once the application form is filled, it has to be reviewed by the applicant to make sure no mistakes have been made then a payment method has to be selected before receiving a confirmation from the Electronic Travel Authorisation System of the Sri Lankan government

Extra information

The ETA is processed in two(2) working days and an agent immediately start the validation process once the submit button has been pressed and a confirmation receipt issued. once an ETA is granted, entry into Sri Lanka is allowed for no later than three(3) months from the grant date. It is good for applicants to note that there is no way to correct errors once the application form has been submitted. The only remedy for errors is to re-apply the whole form correctly and re-submit so, be careful!

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