Do I need a visa to visit Australia from UK

Do I need a visa to visit Australia from UK?

Do I need a visa to visit Australia from UK? – Yes. Going to Australia is a procedure which significantly an ever-increasing number of individuals are currently looking towards as the country keeps on picking up fame among expats about the world.

While at first glance the procedure to get visas and the fundamental freedom to live and perform in Australia may appear to be confounded and conceivably verbose, should you separate every particular procedure into discrete stages this will help you to comprehend what is required and what you need to do.

Going to Australia is divided into different classifications which contain visas like, business visa, organization visas, understudy visas, accomplice, valid permits. The choice you need to make when you choose to move to Australia is which of these visas most prominent suits your situation. You need to wind up noticeably mindful that in case you’re trying to perform in Australia, and conceivably settle down long haul, an understudy visa won’t suffice nor will a vacationer visa cover your situation for instance.

Organization visas are predominately for each one of those from outside of Australia who needs to go to gatherings in the country all the time, and mate, accomplice, and true visas are for the individuals who are involved with an Australian native, Australian inhabitant.

Here is the procedure to follow when applying for a visa from the UK:

  • Prepare your passport from the UK. In case your passport will expire in six months or less, renew it before you ready other visa requirements for Australia.
  • Get a copy of your diploma. This should be of the highest educational level you completed.
  • Download your copy of Form 1163i. See if any medical exam requirement applies to your application. Note that the requirement can vary depending on where you lived in the last five years and what type of work you will be doing in Australia.
  • Get a health insurance to cover you for the duration of your Australian visit. If you have the money for it, buy a long-term insurance that you can use online.
    Prepare the police or penal clearance certificate. You will need one for every place you stayed in for the past 12 months.
  • Call, the Australian Immigration office, assigned to your country. Ask for any special or additional requirements that may apply to you. Don’t forget to ask about their accepted payment method.
  • Print out, and then complete, Form 1208. This is the form for the Application for Holiday Visa and work , and you can get this from the website of Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship.8. Make certified copies of each page of your passport. Don’t forget to get two passport-sized photos taken.
  • Prepare all of the documents listed above. Then, send them along with your passport’s certified copies and $195, in the form of payment appropriate to the Australian Immigration Office nearest you. Remember, send certified copies, not the actual passport.

After preparing and submitting your visa requirements for Australia from the UK, You’ll have to wait for approval before you do anything. On the upside, you won’t need your visa to be stamped on your passport. Visa approval is electronically relayed to border authorities

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