A little less mobile these days

A little less mobile these days

June 2011 will forever be remembered by me as the month when I became a little less mobile. For 2 years my treasured and much loved 15″ MacBook Pro had been giving me sterling service as my main machine – quite simply the fastest, most well built and down right useful computer I have owned. The time had come for a change, and due to working in London and spending 2 hours on the train a day and an hour walking my trusty companion had to go, it was just too heavy. I tried to put off the inevitable by purchasing a rucksack style bag which helped, but as the weather warmed up – the chore of carrying the laptop to London and back every day just got too much – before I knew it my aluminium powder coated workhorse was on eBay and gone, and its replacement arrived, a 21″ iMac 2011 model.

Some might think it an odd move to switch to a desktop machine from a laptop that was used almost 100% away from home since it was purchased – but I thought this was a logical move. I knew a few things; my new machine had to be a Mac, it had to have a lot of storage (the 500GB drive in my MBP had been nearly full for a year now!), and it had to include the latest generation of intel processors (I wanted to be future proof). The new 2011 iMac had received excellent reviews from all the sites I usually read so I was in no doubt – this would be the machine for me. It arrived covered in brown cardboard and hope – all the way the Amazon depot, and I don’t regret it at all. It is blisteringly quick, and even faster soon when my 16GB RAM order arrives from Crucial – and it does everything I needed it to do without even breaking a sweat.

I do miss my laptop, and the iMac isn’t a replacement for it – it was never really meant to be. It is a great machine (and I will post a review of it when I can get the kids away from it long enough to use the thing) but I still need something portable for taking with me to meetings etc. I knew I wanted to get a MacBook Air 11″ but the storage options were too limited for me to use it as a primary machine. So here I am, loving the iMac, but feeling a lot less mobile these days – so Apple, do me a favour? Bring the new MacBook Air out on Wednesday so I can get mobile again. Getting by with my iPhone 4 just isn’t the same!

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