Do I need a visa to visit Australia from UK?

Do I need a visa to visit Australia from UK? – Yes. Going to Australia is a procedure which significantly an ever-increasing number of individuals are currently looking towards as the country keeps on picking up fame among expats about the world.

While at first glance the procedure to get visas and the fundamental freedom to live and perform in Australia may appear to be confounded and conceivably verbose, should you separate every particular procedure into discrete stages this will help you to comprehend what is required and what you need to do.

Going to Australia is divided into different classifications which contain visas like, business visa, organization visas, understudy visas, accomplice, valid permits. The choice you need to make when you choose to move to Australia is which of these visas most prominent suits your situation. You need to wind up noticeably mindful that in case you’re trying to perform in Australia, and conceivably settle down long haul, an understudy visa won’t suffice nor will a vacationer visa cover your situation for instance.

Organization visas are predominately for each one of those from outside of Australia who needs to go to gatherings in the country all the time, and mate, accomplice, and true visas are for the individuals who are involved with an Australian native, Australian inhabitant.

Here is the procedure to follow when applying for a visa from the UK:

  • Prepare your passport from the UK. In case your passport will expire in six months or less, renew it before you ready other visa requirements for Australia.
  • Get a copy of your diploma. This should be of the highest educational level you completed.
  • Download your copy of Form 1163i. See if any medical exam requirement applies to your application. Note that the requirement can vary depending on where you lived in the last five years and what type of work you will be doing in Australia.
  • Get a health insurance to cover you for the duration of your Australian visit. If you have the money for it, buy a long-term insurance that you can use online.
    Prepare the police or penal clearance certificate. You will need one for every place you stayed in for the past 12 months.
  • Call, the Australian Immigration office, assigned to your country. Ask for any special or additional requirements that may apply to you. Don’t forget to ask about their accepted payment method.
  • Print out, and then complete, Form 1208. This is the form for the Application for Holiday Visa and work , and you can get this from the website of Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship.8. Make certified copies of each page of your passport. Don’t forget to get two passport-sized photos taken.
  • Prepare all of the documents listed above. Then, send them along with your passport’s certified copies and $195, in the form of payment appropriate to the Australian Immigration Office nearest you. Remember, send certified copies, not the actual passport.

After preparing and submitting your visa requirements for Australia from the UK, You’ll have to wait for approval before you do anything. On the upside, you won’t need your visa to be stamped on your passport. Visa approval is electronically relayed to border authorities

Nokia World 2011 Preview: Can Nokia change the course of the European Smartphone market again?

I get excited about technology pretty easily, Nokia World 2011 has me more excited than usual. Recently, things have been quiet at Nokia. There have been the usual releases of handsets aimed at the developing markets, but other than that there has been a pretty resolute silence coming from the Finnish manufacturer.

After spending two weeks in the company of the N8 I was left feeling like I was ready for more. More of the famous Nokia build quality and excellent industrial design. More innovation, thought and user focus like I experienced in the old days using everything from a 5110 to an N95-8GB.

I’m excited because we simply MUST be about to witness the unveiling of the next generation of Nokia Smartphones. With Windows Phone 7 (7.5?) platform the time has surely come for Nokia to re-enter the smartphone market with a bang. Nokia handsets empower people all over the world, give them their connections to the rest of the world, and help them get their message out. I simply hope that Nokia can make a barnstorming return to the premium handset market with something big.

Good luck Nokia.

How can online communities improve the quality of content and increase user engagement?

Technology blogs and news sites have struggled with the quality of their user generated content for almost as long as they have existed. The comments section at the bottom of any tech related post is often be a dangerous place to be, as users discuss their passions with their peers, often seeking to get one over on supporters of another games console, operating system or mobile ecosystem.

Forums are traditionally segmented down to a specific user interest, with little opportunity for sharing of ideas outside a users immediate peer group, and are often frequented by users (referred to as trolls) who look to deliberately ruin the experience of others that they disagree with by posting abuse, off-topic comments or by attacking genuine users. (a popular tech news site owned by AOL) has struggled for several years to improve the quality of the comments section at the bottom of posts. Various tactics have been employed, including complete removal of the commenting functionality for a nominated period of time, with the goal of reminding users that the ability to comment on their content is a privilege and not a right.

The Editor in chief will post reminders about etiquette every few months, and new technologies such as Disqus have been rolled out in order to encourage the use of social network accounts in order to capture “real” identities and encourage them to behave more like human beings and less like feral animals hunting through the bins outside a busy restaurant.

“Hey guys, we know you like to have your fun, voice your opinions, and argue over your favorite gear, but over the past few days the tone in comments has really gotten out of hand. What is normally a charged — but fun — environment for our users and editors has become mean, ugly, pointless, and frankly threatening in some situations… and that’s just not acceptable. Some of you out there in the world of anonymous grandstanding have gotten the impression that you run the place, but that’s simply not the case.”

These efforts have proven largely ineffective, and have done little to encourage user input of a higher quality. Users are used to being treated as children, subject to draconian moderation and deletion of comments, along with limited control over how their posts are presented on the site – and as such they often behave as children, becoming preoccupied with being the FIRST to comment on a new post, provoking arguments with other users and generally being a nuisance. All of this does little to encourage the cultivation of a new user base, with the vocal existing user group acting in a hostile fashion towards newcomers, generally making them feel unwelcome and treating them as outsiders.

A new way of thinking about user generated content

Following the restructuring process undertaken by AOL in the wake of its acquisition of the Huffington Post, many of the editorial staff left the site to seek employment elsewhere. The former Editor in chief, Joshua Topolsky, and several of his ex-colleagues soon began working on a new site backed by the successful sports news and blogging network SB Nation and six months later the new site was launched to the world.

The new website, ‘The Verge’, has an entirely different approach to user generated content, pushing it to the fore and giving users similar controls and flexibility to the editors of the publication. There is no “secret sauce”, no magic ingredient that makes The Verge so successful in generating higher quality user generated content and vastly improved interactions, instead it takes advantage of a simple approach that gives users responsibility, encouraging greater thought about what is being written and released to the community.

Examples of higher quality debate on The Verge – via

The Verge allows users to produce content that looks almost as good as that created by the editors of the site and provides a place where community content is given the opportunity to shine. Editors are active in the discussions, sharing personal opinions and experiences, and users appear to receive this very well. Several posts from the community have been featured and highlighted by Verge staff members and even discussed in length during the weekly podcasts.

With the incentive of the above, combined with an intuitive design and the feeling of a clean start on a new website, it is simple to observe the vast improvement in the quality of user interaction, the reduction in trolling behaviour and other barriers to entry for new users. It is possible to comment on an existing editorial post, posts created by other users or to create your own new post, which others can then comment upon.

Formatting controls are provided, allowing users to add images, links and videos, and soon more controls will be rolled out allowing even greater control over the way content looks, providing a further enhanced incentive to think carefully about what is being posted before hitting the submit button.

How long will it take to get a visa to Myanmar?

Are you going to Myanmar? Are you planning to spend your holidays in the land of century old stupas? But you must be wondering that how long will it take to get a visa to Myanmar and where to apply for it. We have made it simple for you by publishing exhaustive guide on Myanmar visa. Please pay attention to these points and get your Myanmar visa easily-

Who needs to apply for a Visa?

All international tourists except for passport holders of Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and few other South Asian nations. Even children need to apply for a visa and parents/guardian should disclose the details of their children in the concerned section of visa application.

How to apply for a visa?

Apart for Myanmar embassies and consulates, there is also e-visa applications platform run Ministry of Immigration, Myanmar.(  )Citizens of over 100 countries are allowed to apply through this online platform. You can apply for both tourist and business visas.

Is e-visa valid for all entry points?

Unfortunately, e-visa can only be used to enter through international airports and not through land points at China and India.

How long will it take to get a Visa to Myanmar?

E-visa applications are normally answered in 3-4 days. However, in countries, it can take up to 7 days. Public holidays are not included in the processing time of 3-4days. You may also be contacted by the embassy for further details. Please use status inquiry section of the ministry website as they won’t reply to individual inquiries.

How long can a visa be used for?

An approved visa would be valid for 90 days. It can be used for 28 days and can later be extended for 14 days. It is valid for only single entry so you will need to apply for a visa if you are taking that route while traveling to other countries.

What is the cost of e-visa?

It would come around 50$ plus administrative expenses. Payment must be made online through credit card. If a visa application is rejected, then there would be no refund.

Can I also apply for a visa on arrival?

A visa on arrival in meant for business visas only.
Where will e-visa be delivered to?
It will be sent to your registered email id.

Can I extend my visa in Myanmar?

If you have overstayed for a period of 14 days or less, be ready to pay more during your departure.

So what are you waiting for? Apply for e-visa and visit the land of historical and cultural importance. You are sure to enjoy the untapped natural beauty of Myanmar.

How to apply for a Canadian visa?

If you have an intention of traveling to Canada, live in Canada on a temporary basis or simply like to work there, then you will need to get a Canadian work permit.Most of the people usually have this question in mind: How do I apply for a Canadian visa?

There are three different types of visa available. You can either apply for a visitor visa, a study permit. This article has explained basic step by step guide on how to request for a Canadian visa.

Find out which visa you need

Before you start applying for your visa, you will need to know exactly which visa you will need to obtain.

If you are visiting Canada, perhaps on holiday you can apply for a visitor visa. This allows you to visit for a maximum of 6 months and is perfect if you plan on traveling to Canada to see the sights and meet the people.

If you are planning on studying or participating in any form of education, you will need to have a study visa. To be successful in your application, you will need to have been received by a school, college or university, have evidence that you have enough money to fund your study and also show valid transportation out of Canada once your study has finished. You will also need to be a law true citizen, with no criminal records that may affect the safety of Canadian citizens and its land and you are supposed to be in good health, and oblige if asked for a medical examination.

If you are planning on staying in Canada on a temporary basis and wish to work in the country, then you will require a work permit. Before you can apply to be a Canadian working citizen, you will need to have proof that you have been accepted with your employer and that you meet the requirements of the job. You may also need the labor market opinion that your employer received on your job offer to complete the application.

Planning & preparation

Once you have decided on the right visa for you, you will need to find out as much information about yourself and the application process as possible. This will make sure that you are having a better chance to request for a visa, and that you have everything you need to fill out the application form correctly.

Once you have completed all the relevant paperwork, you need to send it to the Canadian government, who will look at your case and make a well-informed decision based on the data you have provided.


Sometimes, it is necessary to attend and interview during the application process. This is not always a bad thing, as the immigration officer may need to meet you face to face to get a better idea of who you are as a person.